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3rd-Jun-2015 02:29 pm(no subject)
perhaps i need to think beyond myself

i need to remember that i am only a speck of dust in the universe,

and everything that goes on in my life is incomparably insignificant.

this doesn't mean i don't matter.

all in the universe matters, even a speck of dust.

everything is collated and quanitified.

reflecting into my life so far puts my mind into a state of nostalgia

a jumbled series of events

non-linear memories that's emotionally driven

pain, happiness, fear.....

so whatever path i go into in the future,

won't matter as much as i think it does

because events that happen in the future are only going to be lesser or more extreme versions of those emotions.

and know that, i don't have to be bound.

i can find ways to enter realms that are beyond my body ego
26th-Dec-2007 03:53 am - FRIENDS ONLY

introduce yourself.
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